Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talking rocks

Talking rocks. I mean, not when self-important adults do it (Are you listening, 95 percent of sports and news commentators out there?). I'm referring to when my 2-year-old son does it.

Ever since my wife first found out she was pregnant, I've been looking forward to when my child could communicate with me on a level beyond pooping and screaming. Now that the time has arrived, I'm far from disappointed.

Everything Crazy Toddler says is cute — and every aspect of the process. The way he grasps at each syllable, elongating words to ridiculous lengths. The shouting of run-of-the-mill words to give them added significance. His insistence on saying "goodbye" to people/places/things when he first sees them.

I was starting to think Bill Maher and Michael Savage had soured me on the English language for good (and on humans in general, for that matter), but I think I'm coming back around. It's all thanks to CT.

Here's to actually knowing what my son is thinking. And another "cheers" to laughing our butts off when our kids can't say things correctly (just make sure to leave the room first).


  1. this is further validation of the utter subjectivity of parenting. e.g. "my kid is cuter than yours", "my kid is funnier than yours", etc Those statements are true no matter who is saying them. I have become (to my dismay) that over-affectionate parent, which is even weirder to myself, b/c I have a son and I always thought it was weird to see a dad hugging and kissing his son, but i understand now.

  2. Talking toddlers definitely rock. It is much better than screaming and pointing while we playing the guessing game.


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