Friday, November 5, 2010

Sick days are for sleep, not 'Saved By the Bell'

My son has mastered something I am still working on after 28 years: sleeping when sick. And I'm a little jealous.

Yesterday my son more or less napped for the entire day, because he was really sick and totally loopy. He had no problem crashing four hours on end, regardless of his surroundings or the position he was in.

I simply can't do this.

When I get sick enough to stay home from work, I usually make the age-old mistake of saying, "I'll just rest on the couch with the TV on." The problem is that this has never worked for me.

Soon after lying down, I find myself sitting up, typing away on the laptop and watching TV reruns that I normally miss because of my job. (Hey, if you have a chance to watch five consecutive episodes of "Saved By the Bell: The College Years," you take it. You ALWAYS take it.)

Soon my "day of rest" has become a day of staring at a computer screen (not unlike what I would have been doing at work) and screaming at the TV because Zach and Kelly never seem to really, you know, click or make it work. The timing is always off, or what have you.

As my son's vocab continues to expand, I'm going to need some tips on how to turn my sick-day doldrums into droopy-eyed bliss.


  1. Can your son teach my son that trick. He's sick right now and I'd kill for him to take a half hour nap in the middle of the day so he isn't a complete train wreck by bed time.

  2. I hate naps. I love TV. So I am with you for the most part just not on the Saved by the bell. Yes I once watched that show just like every other person on the planet. Now I would use a day off to watch DVDs or old shows on Netflix live streaming. Technology has rendered Zach and Kelly irrelevant.


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